Update 0.02

- Bring It On

The new update "Bring It On" (version 0.02) has a few new interesting contents for the game.

Entertainment is a hard thing to bring in these type of games, so, with that in mind, Pleb Life now has an unique Combat System where you will be able to fight an Enemy that will try to kill you. You can find an Enemy by checking on the new area "Ruins" and use the Action Button to search the ruins, by doing that, if you get lucky you can find some coins, perhaps a bread, or if you are considered a bad luck person, you will probably get face to face with an Enemy.

You will also notice that Pleb Life now has (in most of the cases) an icon for each Map Area. So to go to your house for example, you will have to click on the House Icon.


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Apr 13, 2018

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